With over 20 years of combined Military experience and multiple deployments, we understand first-hand what it means to serve. We've also experienced first-hand the challenges of leveraging our military backgrounds to launch a civilian career. In our own transitions from Active Duty, we noticed the obvious need for a Veteran-oriented service specializing in professional profile development, starting with a great resume. The existing resources covered everything from balancing a check book to obtaining a home loan, while the resume help was often a single article or blog with general advice for any job seeker.

To provide the services worthy of Veteran approval, we enlisted the help of professional consultants with demonstrated expertise in staffing, recruiting, and career counseling. Veterans needed a voice in the corporate world who could advocate for their skills and help tell our story. This is why we founded Resumes4Vets.org. 

Alex Leonard

Retired Human Resource Executive (BSBA) with 36 years of experience in the management as well as “hands-on” involvement in all aspects of recruiting, job/interview consulting and staffing. District Manager for award winning staffing and consulting operations, providing services to companies both large and small.  Directed both sides of the employment equation; providing job advice to assist individuals to land jobs as well as partnering with HR departments in order to assure the ideal candidates for job openings. Special focus on assisting veterans to make the transition from military employment into the civilian sector.  

our Mission

To assist fellow Veterans in the civilian sector by providing free resume reviews, recommendations, and guidance as a component of their complete professional profile.

After getting out of the Army in 2016, I had to navigate the transition process myself. Luckily, I had Alex as a friend from ROTC who was familiar with the civilian hiring process and industry. This is what led to Resumes4Vets. Getting out, I noticed there were numerous services that charged veterans to review their resumes, and this just seemed silly. We don’t think a veteran who has served their country honorably should have to pay just so they have a better chance at a new job in the civilian world. There’s an incredible level of skill and experience hiding under NCOER and OER bullets that we think has gone overlooked. Therefore, this service to help bridge the military-to-civilian transition gap was born. 

Shane murphy

A former Navy Submarine Nuclear Reactor Operator, Shane Murphy spends his time these days working as a Sales Learning and Development Manager in Northeast Ohio. With thousands of interviews conducted over the years, Shane has seen a lot of resumes (good and bad) over the years – and hired a lot of folks as well. He holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from perennial basketball powerhouse Gonzaga University. In addition to his “day job,” Shane is also a Professor of Business Management at Vincennes University. Shane is from a family of veterans. A Grandfather who served in the Army, Dad in the Navy, daughter who served in the Coast Guard, an Air Force son-in-law and a Marine Corps nephew. The only missing branch is Space Force! It’s fair to say that the United States armed forces has been very good to his family. As a disabled veteran himself, Shane sees a lot of veterans struggle to get by, making this cause even more personal to him. We’ve all given a lot to this nation. This is his way of using his experience and talent to give back to a wonderful community.

Craig Miller

Justin Baumann

who we are

I have over a decade of experience in HR roles with Fortune 500 companies while also leading the Veterans Staffing Program at Intel for 3 years.  Thousands of resumes from exceptional Veteran talent have come across my desk and several common themes are holding back candidates from making the best possible impression.  The biggest challenge the Veteran community faces is that the average Veteran resume is simply not written for what prospective hiring managers are looking for and is usually a “copy and paste” from an annual evaluation report. It's an art to translate military experience to a civilian resume and my passion is coaching others on how to develop the best balance between the two paradigms. Resumes4Vets.org was founded specifically to address the most basic shortcomings and share what I wish I knew when I left Active Duty.