​Resumes4Vets.org believes in two key principles that set us apart from other services:

We help you write your own resume.

Our goal is to provide you with advice, guidance, and the resources to help enhance your professional profile; we do not write your resume for you.  We want you to learn the skills to create your own masterpiece that can be applied to other professional documents. A typical review will involve an interaction or two with a consultant where we start with initial feedback and coach you through the revision process.  The first revision is rarely the final product and will require your due diligence in continuous improvement. This “help me help you” approach leads to the client owning their final product and truly understanding how to create an excellent resume. 

We start with core elements of your resume and then build on your revisions until we have reached a final product.  Following this model allows us to operate quickly, inexpensively, and with your involvement along the way.  At any time in the process we encourage our clients to provide their feedback and questions to help improve our service.

We believe in an honest and direct approach.

Our Consultants probably know what your acronyms mean or understand the duties of a Senior Noncommissioned Officer, but our job is not to tell you what we think.  Our job is to help you write a resume for an audience that has not served and anyone else who may not understand the value of your experience.

We don't currently send out confirmation emails once we receive your resume, so if you haven't heard from us in 10 business days (2 Weeks), please resubmit with a note indicating you already submitted. 

getting started

Fill out the form below, attach your resume, and click submit. Please submit in an editable format (Preferably a Word file. If we can't edit it, it's difficult to show you where to improve). ​Some people have told us they were unable to submit but we are still receiving resumes. If you are unable to submit for whatever reason, just email your resume to resumes@resumes4vets.org with the information requested below and "resume review request" in the subject line.

our process

​We're here to help if you haven't started your resume or don't know where to begin. Please check out our template below and it will walk you through the basic recommendations we provide. We encourage you to deviate as much as you want from our template to best represent your service and experiences. 

Send us your resume when you have created a first draft and we'll review it for free (and keep reviewing it for free until you're satisfied). 

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